June 2018

    • Green Smoothies!
      Green smoothies are not only a great way to increase your fruit and vegetable intake, they are also a great way to hydrate.… read more

    May 2018

    • What’s Really in Your Tap Water?
      Is tap water as safe as you think?… read more

    April 2018

    • Cappuccino? Long black? Latte? Macchiato?
      No matter how you have your coffee, one thing is certain...your daily caffeine hit tastes better with filtered water!… read more

    March 2018

    • Using Filtered Water Around the Home
      Did you know filtered water has many other uses around the home?… read more

    January 2018

    • Happy Australia Day!
      All of us at Waterchoice wish you a happy Australia Day. Time to reflect what a great country we live in.… read more


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