November 2019

    • Waterchoice - the Right Choice!
      There are lots of competitors and lots of companies that have similar products to us, all o which claim to be the best. So why is Waterchoice the right choice?… read more

    October 2019

    • Eat Your Water!
      Did you know that we can also eat our water? Yep! Most unprocessed foods, such as fruit and vegetables are choc full of water.… read more
    • How Do You Really Know if You Are Drinking Enough Water?
      There is so much advice out there about how much water we should be drinking. So what is right for you?… read more

    September 2019

    • Sparkling Water - Good or Bad?
      Questions have been raised over recent years about whether or not sparkling water is actually good for you. We have done the hard work for you and we think you’ll be interested to read the findings from our research.… read more
    • Drinking Water is Essential for Good Health
      Drinking water is so incredibly important and there are so many reasons why our bodies need water. Here are some of what we believe to be the most important reasons.… read more

    May 2019

    • Alkaline water - is it really good for you?
      Drinking alkaline water can actually interfere with the body’s natural digestion process. Attempting to alter the body’s pH level, could also potentially lead to a condition called metabolic alkalosis which has significant side effects including nausea, confusion, vomiting, tremors and muscle twitches.… read more

    March 2019

    • Why You Should Choose a Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System
      Reverse osmosis, commonly known as RO, to be the best and most efficient method of filtering water. 5 stage reverse osmosis produces the best tasting, cleanest and contaminant free filtered water available.… read more


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