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4 Reasons a Water Filtration System is Better than Bottled Water

18 November 2021

When it comes to drinking water, people are looking for fresh, crisp, clean water, that doesn't have an aftertaste, or have an odour. People want high quality water, but ease of access, and therefore often reach for bottled water.

Although bottled water can often give people the cleaner taste they are after, many people think bottled is their only choice. They don't realise that they can filter their own tap water at home, without the high environmental and financial cost. And, the quality of water from a filter is far superior.

Installing a water filtration system in your home, office or workshop is a wise investment. Not only will it provide you with unlimited access to filtered water, the quality of the water is far better. In most cases of our 5 stage reverse osmosis system, the quality doesn't even compare.

Reason 1 - Saves you Money

Having a water system that filters your own tap water will save you money. For $15 per week (Inc GST), a Waterchoice 5 stage reverse osmosis water filtration system can produce up to 300L per day, which means that not only will you have sufficient drinking water, you can also fill up those kettles, use it for cooking, washing fruit and vegetables, and even filling the fish tank and the dog bowl.

The major supplier of bulk bottled water in Perth charges $13.60 per 15L bottle of water. That is a whopping 90c per litre. A family of 4 would need at least 3 bottles per week which is $40.80!! And the cost is even higher if you live out of the metro area, or in the Pilbara.

Bottled water is only good for that short term drink, but with proper maintenance, a water filtration system can last for a decade or longer. Imagine the cost of purchasing bottled water all of that time!

I think you'll agree, Waterchoice is outstanding value.

You will never run out of water, and you'll never have to leave the house to buy bottled water again!

Reason 2 - Continuous water supply

When you drink only bottled water, your water supply is limited. You only have available to you the amount of water that each container can hold.

With a water filtration system, you are purifying your own tap water. This means you have an almost endless supply of filtered water, and you'll never run out again, or have to wait for your next water bottle delivery.

We use only the best Filmtec membranes, that have an incredibly high flow rate, meaning each Waterchoice filtration system can produce up to 300L per day!

Reason 3 - You can trust your water

When you filter your water at home, you can trust the source of your drinking water. Waterchoice 5 stage reverse osmosis water filtration systems provide clean and fresh water that is free from odour, chemicals, dissolved solids, bacteria and viruses.

Although bottled water is advertised as a safe option, many bottled waters simply contain tap water. Not only that, many of these bottles sit in factories and storage facilities for long periods of time, or directly in the sun. When water is exposed to the sun, bacteria begins to breed, rendering your bottled water not as safe as you were lead to believe it is.

A Waterchoice filtration system is serviced and maintained regularly by one of our fully trained Service Technicians. That means your high quality parts are always working to their fullest and replaced and maintained as required. Your water is also regularly tested to ensure water quality is maintained.

Unfortunately, with bottled water, you won’t know if you’re paying those big dollars for glorified tap water, or if it’s actually coming from a natural spring which can still contain unfiltered groundwater contaminants.

4 - Better for your environment

We all know that plastic is not great for our environment. In Australia they have banned single use plastic, but plastic water bottles are still in high demand. Plastic bottles generate an enormous amount of waste that ends up as litter, or in landfill.

Did you know that many plastic bottles can take up to 500 years to break down? And some plastic bottles are closer to 1000 years! Food for thought!

So the next time you reach for a bottle of water, consider the environmental impact, the quality of the water, and the huge financial expense.

So what makes a Waterchoice water filtration system the best option?

We'll give you the top 4 reasons! (There are far too many to list them all!)

Firstly, our water filtration systems are 5 stage reverse osmosis. These systems are by far the best at removing contaminants, chemicals, odours and dissolved solids from the hard water we have in Western Australia. And we only ever use the best parts, our membranes are made by Filmtec, the inventors of reverse osmosis.

Secondly, we guarantee you will LOVE the taste of our water. The difference will be noticeable, and you'll never go back to drinking bottled or tap water again.

Thirdly, by supporting Waterchoice, you are supporting a WA owned and operated family small business.

And last but not least, we offer an amazing value for money price guarantee. We have a fixed fee of $15 (inc GST) per week, and you'll never pay any extra - EVER! Our fixed fee includes:

free installation
free servicing, maintenance and parts
free call outs
free relocation if you move house, office or workshop
first 2 weeks free, based on our standard 12 month rental agreement.

We have Local Service Technicians in Perth, Geraldton, Dampier, Karratha, Roebourne, Wickham, Point Samson, Port Hedland, South Hedland, Broome, Newman, Pannawonica and Tom Price.

Get in touch to discuss your drinking water needs today! We guarantee is will be the best decision you make.



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