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Why You Should Choose a Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

13 March 2019

Here at Waterchoice, we specialise in 5 stage reverse osmosis water filtration systems.  We believe that reverse osmosis, commonly known as RO, to be the best and most efficient method of filtering water.  5 stage reverse osmosis produces the best tasting, cleanest and contaminant free filtered water available, and to this end, we do not sell any other products.  Hence why we are the reverse osmosis specialists. RO is our life!

But what exactly is 5 stage reverse osmosis?

Reverse osmosis was invented by the US Navy to make sea water drinkable. Unlike ordinary water filtration systems, which only remove large chunks of contaminants, reverse osmosis systems feature a semi-permeable membrane that removes heavy dirt particles, plus almost 100% of the dissolved contaminants molecule by molecule. 

There are many types of reverse osmosis water filtration systems on the market, and you would be forgiven for thinking they are all the same.  After all, they pretty much look the same.  Reverse osmosis units differ in three main ways:

  • the number of stages of filters
  • the quality of the components
  • the amount of water that can be filtered or produced each day  

Our water filtration units are 5 stage, which means that the water passes through five stages of filtration before it is ready for drinking:

  • dirt filter
  • carbon filter
  • reverse osmosis membrane
  • taste filter
  • tank

Waterchoice’s 5 stage reverse osmosis water filtration systems produce water that is 99.99% pure, which is as close to rainwater as you can get.  Much of the water in Western Australia, particularly in the Pilbara, is very hard, tastes strongly of chlorine, and has a pungent and unpleasant odour and taste.  We are also finding that more often than not, the drinking water in the Perth Metro area is very hard and we are receiving more and more queries from concerned residents about their drinking water.  5 stage reverse osmosis is best for tap water that is heavily treated with chlorine, fluoride and a multitude of other chemicals, much like ours in Western Australia. 

Each water system produces water that is pH7.  This means the water is neither acidic nor alkaline, it is pH neutral.  There is a lot of hype around alkaline water at the moment, with significant health and wellness claims being made, from curing cancer to osteoporosis.  However, research indicates that there isn’t enough information or evidence to support such claims.  The main problem with these types of water systems is that the alkaline water is produced artificially with electricity. This is how they increase the pH of the water.  Our bodies are meant to have a certain amount of acid in them, this is how we digest our food, and alkaline water interferes with this natural digestion process.   Leading Government and health bodies around the world recommend drinking water that is pH neutral, the same as rain water. 

What contaminants does 5 stage reverse osmosis remove from tap water?


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Tin (11) Sulfate








Once you taste Waterchoice’s contaminant free drinking water, you will wonder how you ever drank tap water in the first place.  You will find that the water is no longer difficult to drink and getting your minimum 2L per day is easy. 

How often do 5 stage reverse osmosis water systems need to be serviced?

This is by far the most common question we get asked. Our units are serviced annually because we use Filmtec membranes. Filmtec are the original inventors of reverse osmosis.  These membranes are made in the USA and Germany and are considered the gold standard of membranes, the best of the best.  Often other water filtration companies will advise that the water systems need to be serviced more often, which simply means that their membranes and parts are not of the same superior quality as ours.  Of course, each town in Western Australia has different levels of water quality, and occasionally where the tap water is particularly bad, we may have to service a select few water units more often.  This of course is not a problem and we are more than happy to oblige to ensure the production of top quality filtered drinking water. 

But isn’t it bad to take out all the minerals from your drinking water? 

This the second most common question we get asked.  Tap water varies from town to town, from water source to water source, and in some cases, from suburb to suburb.  Filtering water with a 5 stage reverse osmosis system will remove the majority of minerals in the water and greatly improve the taste.  While minerals are essential for proper health, the minerals found in our tap water are in an inorganic state that our bodies are not able to digest.  The majority of minerals that the body needs for good health should be found in the food we eat.  The reverse osmosis process does leave trace elements of minerals and salts which contribute to the overall pleasant taste of the water, ensuring it is not flat like distilled water, which has had all of its dissolved oxygen removed. 

How much water can each reverse osmosis water system produce?

Each unit has a sealed 12L tank that fills direct from your tap water.  Each time you pour water from the unit, the tank automatically refills, ensuring you always have 12L of fresh clean water at your disposal.  Each water filtration unit is capable of making up to 300L per day, which is more than enough for each household, workshop or office.  We use 75 gallon membranes that have the ability to fill the water unit quickly.  This is particularly important in a workshop or office environment.  Most companies only use a 30 gallon membrane because they are significantly cheaper, however they produce far less water.    

Is reverse osmosis water better than bottled water?

YES! YES! YES! Where do we start?!  The list of reasons is endless, but here are a few of the most obvious reasons:

  • the taste and quality of bottled water varies from brand to brand
  • research shows that bottled water is often the same as tap water, but more than 2000 times the cost
  • depending on the original source of the water, the levels of minerals and contaminants is unknown. Many bottles feature photos of beautiful waterfalls and streams, but this is not representative of where the water is sourced.  This is a simply a clever marketing gimmick!
  • very few brands of bottled water are actually sourced from underground or from a natural spring, most bottled water is simply tap water processed through a cheap and ineffective filter or ultraviolet light
  • bottled water is ridiculously expensive
  • even though most plastics are BPA free, plastic bottles still have various other chemicals in the plastic that can leach into the water which you then ingest
  • bottled water can go stale
  • bottled water is often stored in warehouses and on the back of trucks, exposed to sunlight, therefore growing bacteria
  • the amount of plastic bottles dumped on land fill each year has a significant impact on the environment.

Why should you pick Waterchoice for your filtered drinking water needs?

Waterchoice is a wholly owned and operated Western Australian family business. We have been in the water business for over 19 years.  When you call Waterchoice, email us or say hi via social media, a Waterchoice family member is at the other end to answer your queries and to arrange your installations and services. Our systems are all hand built by the owner Andrew, and he undertakes rigorous testing and quality checks before the systems go out to our customers. 

Waterchoice started in Karratha and Dampier in the year 2000 and since that time have expanded to Perth, Port Hedland, South Hedland, Broome, Newman, Pannawonica, Tom Price, Geraldton and Onslow.

Waterchoice has both Bench Top and Floor Standing systems available that are ergonomically designed to blend into any kitchen, laundry or workplace setting.  The systems are easy to install and can be installed in the kitchen, laundry or a covered outdoor area.  The systems are neat and clean and look like part of your whitegoods.  Each unit is available in room temperature/cold and hot/cold options. 

The Bench Top system has the tank encased inside the unit, with the filtration system sitting in a cupboard out of sight.  The Floor Standing systems have both the filtration system and tank encased within the unit.  We never have unsightly canisters or hoses hanging off the wall. 

How much does a Waterchoice 5 stage reverse osmosis water filtration system cost?

Enjoy 99.99% pure drinking water for only $15 per week*, with no other costs – EVER!  And we will even include the first 2 weeks for free.  Our fixed price includes:

  • free installation
  • free maintenance
  • free servicing
  • free call outs
  • free relocation of the system if you move house, office or premises
  • local service representatives in each town to service all your water needs
  • up to 300L of fresh, clean and delicious drinking water every single day
  • tax deductible for business

* based on Waterchoice’s standard 12 month rental agreement. 

Looking for a water filtration system, or needing further information?  Call us on 0419 964 225, or email info@waterchoice.com.au to discuss your drinking water needs.


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