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Slip, Slop...Sip!

25 January 2017

Happy Australia Day from everyone here at Waterchoice.

We live in the best country in the world and that is worth celebrating!

Whether you are having a picnic, going to the beach or still on holiday, the hot weather is going to follow you. 

We all know the sun smart message, “slip, slop, slap”, but we should also add “sip”. Sipping plenty of water to prevent dehydration is vitally important. Most of the human body is made of water and when the temperature rises, the body tries to cool itself by sweating. Someone who is dehydrated will show symptoms like dry mouth, little or dark urine, confusion, irrational behaviour and irritability.  Our children and elderly are especially at risk.

Soft drinks, coffee and alcohol are no substitute for water.  Yes, they contain water, but they also tend to take water away from the body.

Just a reminder, we are giving you two weeks free, when you install one of our water filters – pure crystal, clear water all year round. Plus, we also give you one month free, when you refer someone who installs one of our great water filters.


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