Reverse Osmosis - The Facts

What is Reverse Osmosis (RO)?

RO was invented by the US Navy to make sea water drinkable. Unlike ordinary filter systems, which only remove large chunks of contaminants, RO systems feature semi-permeable membranes that remove heavy dirt particles, PLUS a percentage of the dissolved contaminants molecule-by-molecule.

The result is 99.99% pure water.

What are the benefits of Reverse Osmosis water?

  • Great tasting drinking water
  • Health benefits
  • Makes tea and coffee taste better
  • Great for children
  • Great for pets
  • Never run out of water again

How does Reverse Osmosis Water compare to bottled water?

  • RO water is 99.99% pure and is as close to rain water as you can get
  • RO water cannot go stale as bottled water can
  • With RO water, there are no health concerns about bacteria growing in bottles

Does the Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier have any other special features?

Yes. The Water Choice water purifier has many features:

  • It connects to your existing plumbing and runs off the water mains, and refills automatically
  • It’s self cleaning
  • The systems come in Ambient/Cold or Hot/Cold
  • There are no heavy water bottles to lift
  • There are no installation or maintenance costs on the unit
  • The unit is fully self-contained, which means there are no water storage tanks or filtering units taking up space under the sink
  • The ergonomic design of the filtration cabinet enhances your kitchen space

How much does a Waterchoice RO System cost?

Most water filtration systems, and bottled water, give you limited amounts of water, and they can be very costly.

At Waterchoice, we provide our customers with a unique RO Water Filtration System, which can provide up to 200-litres per day of 99.99% pure drinking water for the low price of only $15.00 per week, with no other costs – ever!

Why choose Waterchoice for your RO System?

  • Free installation
  • Free maintenance
  • Free servicing
  • Free call outs
  • First two weeks free* (conditions apply)
  • 12 month rental agreement required
  • Local service representatives to service your needs

* Based on Waterchoice’s standard 12-month rental agreement.