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Why You Should be Using Filtered Water to Make Your Tea and Coffee

20 October 2021

Gone are the days of instant coffee and the need to head to a Café to get a decent coffee. We are now able to make barista quality coffee in our own homes. But did you know that your tap water could be running your beloved morning tea or coffee? Do you need filtered water at home to make the perfect brew?

Does the water I use really affect my tea and coffee?

YES! YES! YES! So many yesses.

Tea and coffee is made up of approximately 98% water, so it makes sense that any nasty tastes, odours and impurities in our tap water will effect the overall taste and quality of your cuppa.

Ever made a cuppa in the morning and thought that it just doesn't taste right? It is probably to do with your water quality.

And did you know that our tap water quality can even change with the weather? If there has been a lot of rain, extra particles can be pushed through our taps with the increased force and pressure. West Australian residents can certainly resonate with this this year with the amount of rain we have had! Rain, rain, rain!

Next time you watch a barista make your coffee, have a look at their water filtration system. Chances are, they will have something pretty impressive in place, like 5 stage reverse osmosis (which by the way is what we specialise in!). You will never see them using tap water as it effects the taste of the coffee too much.

An easy way to check if your tap water will effect your coffee, is to simply have a taste of your tap water. Does it smell of chlorine? Does it have an unpleasant taste? Your coffee or tea won't hide any of these tastes, therefore your end product will be a lack lustre cuppa.

So what exactly is in my tap water that is ruining the taste of my tea and coffee?

In Western Australia, we have very hard water. Hard water contains a lot of calcium (which ruins our kettles) and magnesium. Have you ever noticed a shiny film on the top of your cup if tea? It is a sign that you have hard water. Excess calcium and magnesium can make your tea taste unpleasant and almost chalky.

Unfiltered tap water contains impurities like chlorine, chemicals, salt and dirt particles which means that your cup of tea or coffee will taste absolutely nothing like it is supposed to. Excessive hard water makes coffee taste bitter and sharp.

The verdict!

Filtered water, to put it quite simply, tastes better!

Not only the taste, using filtered water in your coffee machine practically eliminates the scale build up, reducing the need for cleaning.

Want to know more about our water filters?

At Waterchoice, we specialise in 5 stage reverse osmosis water filtration. We live and breathe reverse osmosis, it is all we do. You could say we are experts in it!

Reverse osmosis removes the most contaminants and impurities from tap water, leaving you with the freshest, cleanest and best tasting drinking water possible. We use only Filmtec membranes made by Dupont, who by the way, are the actual inventors of reverse osmosis. They are the gold standard in water filtration. We only use the best.

Our filtration systems come in both floor standing and bench top systems. Each system refills direct from your water mains, and self fills automatically. Never have to deal with messy and unsightly plastic bottles again, not to mention, obscenely expensive! Each system comes with either room temperature and cold or hot and cold taps.

Now the important part, the price. One of our pet hates is when you check out a product on a website, and the pricing is hidden, or nowhere to be found, forcing you to contact the company to get a price. We believe in being 100% up front about our pricing, and we also have a fixed price guarantee.

$15 per week - and never pay anything extra, EVER! Our fixed fee includes:

  • free installation
  • free servicing
  • free maintenance and parts
  • free call outs
  • free relocation within the same town
  • local employed Service Technicians that have worked with us for many years, and can help you with all your water needs
  • first 2 weeks free, based on our standard 12 month rental agreement.

We know that we are awesome and provide the best customer service around, but if you need a little more convincing, check out what our amazing customer Jessica had to say recently:

"Highly recommend. Just moved to Karratha and the water at our new house had a really strong taste of dirt. Gave these guys a email and within 3 days we had beautiful fresh COLD water drinking water!! It's really hard to find such fast, reliable and friendly companies anymore. Thank you."

Give us a call today on 041 996 4225, flick us an email info@waterchoice.com.au or contact us through our website.


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