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Is Filtered Water Better than Tap Water?

12 January 2023

This is a question that we get asked all the time.  Quite simply, yes, filtered water is better than tap water.  We are lucky enough to live in a country with water that is suitable for consumption, however the drinking water in our catchments has a long way to travel before it reaches our taps. Our drinking water is also heavily treated to ensure it is disinfected, which has significant impact on the quality, smell and taste of our water.

Why does my drinking water taste so unpleasant?

One of the main reasons people decide to have a filtration system installed is the awful taste of the water.  Tap water tastes much better, and cleaner once it is filtered, which benefits the whole family.  We often get feedback that people are drinking more water because they actually enjoy the taste now.  And people also tell us that their kids are now drinking lots of water…some for the first time ever!

Why does my drinking water smell so bad?

When our tap water smells bad, it is usually because of bacteria growing in the pipes. This can be more common throughout the warmer months.  The other common smell is chlorine.  Have you ever turned on the tap only for it to smell like a swimming pool?  Not very appealing to drink now, is it?! Chlorine is necessary in our drinking supply to disinfect it, but is it really something that you want to be drinking every day?

How can I save money with a water filtration system?

As the cost of living rises and interest rates continue to climb, people are looking for ways to save money.  By installing a Waterchoice 5 stage reverse osmosis water filtration system, it eliminates the need to spend on expensive bottled water. We guarantee that our filtered water not only tastes better than bottled water, it has no smell, it looks cleaner, and you aren’t contributing to land fill with a zillion plastic bottles.

We have done the water maths for you.

  • The leading bulk water supplier in the Pilbara charges $15.20 per 15L bottle of water.
  • An average family of 4 that drinks 2L of water per day each would need to purchase 4 x 15L bottles per week.
  • That adds up to a whopping $60.80 per week.YIKES!That is very expensive, for a limited amount of water that doesn’t even taste that fabulous.
  • With a Waterchoice system only costing $15 per week, that is a whopping saving of $45.80 per week!That is HUGE!

A Waterchoice filtration system can produce up to 300L of water per day, so you will never run out of water again, have to wait for unreliable water deliveries, or have to store large bulky water bottles ever again. And for only $15 per week (inc GST), our systems come with a fixed price guarantee:

  • Free installation
  • Free servicing, maintenance and parts
  • Free call outs
  • Free relocation within town
  • Locally employed Service Technicians to service all your water needs
  • 2 weeks free, based on our standard 12-month agreement.
  • For a limited time only, mention this article, and we will give you ONE MONTH FREE!

How do I get the most out of my water filtration system?

Even though our water filtration systems can produce up to 300L of water per day, doesn’t mean that you have to use that amount of water.  Each system contains either a 12L or 14L tank of filtered and chilled water.  Each time you pour off water from the system, the tank automatically refills, ensuring you always have access to the freshest and cleanest tasting water available. Our systems are also self-cleaning, so the more you use the system, the better your water gets.

We recommend the following tips to help you get the most out of your filtered water:

  • Fill refillable bottles for school, the gym, the park and other excursions before you leave home.We highly recommend stainless steel or glass bottles. Plastic bottles are also great, especially for kids, but remember that they have an approximate life span of one year and need to be replaced regularly.
  • Wash all your fruit and vegetables with filtered water
  • Fill your pots and pans with filtered water for all your boiling and cooking needs
  • Fill your coffee machine and kettle with filtered water.Not only will your tea and coffee taste better, without all that calcium build up, it will also extend the life of your appliances.

We have had clients tell us of many other uses.  One client liked to fill her baby’s bath with filtered water as she found it to be far gentler on her little one’s skin.

The other common use, is to wash your car, motorcycle or boat.  Our filtered water will leave your car completely streak free and shiny as new.  If this is something that interests you, let us know and we can talk about adding an extra capacity tank to your water filtration system to ensure you always have enough water.  Our owner Andrew washes his car every week in filtered water, and loves to talk all things cars if you need advice!

See what some of our customers have to say….

“We have been so happy with our water system over the years.  It astounds me that people would still buy bottled water when this is available to them. Also, the Panna Service Technician is such a great guy.  Very obliging and genuine”. – Greg, Pannawonica WA.

“We are so happy with our water filter guys, and your Technician was excellent.  Very professional and friendly”. – Scott, Karratha WA.

“Your service has been excellent and the water has been great.  If we could take the system back to the UK with us, we would never give it back”. – Nick, Aveley WA.

“Just wanted to say thank you to you and Lozza for the move of the system to my new address. Lozza was very helpful and friendly”. – Kepu, South Hedland, WA.

“We love our unit so much that we have decided to install one in each of our driver’s houses”. – Beryl, Port Hedland, WA.

“There aren’t many businesses out there that give you same say service.  Top work guys”. – Steve, South Hedland, WA.

“Thank you for installing Waterchoice for us today!  I absolutely notice a difference, even compared to bottled shop water.  Second house we have had it in, it is the best and I will never go without one again”. – Kerry, WA.

Want to hear more?

Get in touch with us on 0419 964 225, via email info@waterchoice.com.au or via the Contact Us tab above.



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