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How Do We Compare?

07 December 2017

If you are considering Waterchoice (Aust) for your filtered water requirements and you are approached by another company, ask these questions:

  • Is the GST included in the price or is it the price plus GST?
  • Is the system 5 stage reverse osmosis with a 75 gallon membrane? (This is the best).
  • How long is the contract - what happens if you leave town before the contract expiry? (Do I have to keep paying).
  • Is the installation free, no matter what the difficulties?
  • How much more is installation if it's not the basic installation?
  • Are all callouts and services free of charge?
  • Is the discount price for a certain amount of time only?

With Waterchoice (Aust) we offer:

  • Our price is inclusive of GST not plus GST.
  • Our systems are 5 stage reverse osmosis with a 75 gallon membrane - this provides better, cleaner water much faster.
  • Our contract is for 12 months, but If your leaving town and you have no option, we relinquish the contract.
  • All our installation is free no matter the difficulty (no basic installation clause)
  • All our callouts and services are free.
  • Our price always stays the same.

For further information contact Andrew and Karen today on 0419 964 225, via email info@waterchoice.com.au or via our contact form here.


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