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Waterchoice - the Right Choice!

15 November 2019

When making the decision to install a water filtration system in your home, workplace or workshop, a simple internet search will provide you with zillions of options, so many that it can actually be a little ridiculous and overwhelming. There are lots of competitors and lots of companies that have similar products to us, all o which claim to be the best……..So why is Waterchoice the right choice?

Waterchoice are the reverse osmosis specialists!

Our core business is 5 stage reverse osmosis water filtration systems. It is what we believe to be the best to filter the hard and often unpleasant tasting drinking water found in Western Australia. Our water systems remove heavy dirt particles, plus a percentage of the dissolved contaminants molecule by molecule and produce the best tasting water that is as close to rainwater as you can get.
We provide the best quality products to produce the best quality water. We are the RO specialists!

Waterchoice is a family run business

When you contact Waterchoice, there are no call centres and no answering services, you will be speaking with one of the Lenton family. Even when you contact us online via email, our website, Instagram or Facebook, a member of the family will be chatting to you at the other end.

Unlike most other companies, we have Service Representatives in each of the towns we service. There is no need to call up and order parts, or wait until a rep comes to town, we are available then and there. Our Service Representatives have all worked at Waterchoice for many years and embody the Waterchoice family way of business wholeheartedly.

We are a longstanding part of the WA community

Waterchoice has been servicing the water needs of West Australians for almost two decades (19 and a half years to be precise!) 20 years next year, WOW, that calls for a PARTY! We started in Karratha in June 2000 and have expanded throughout WA to:

Port Hedland
South Hedland
Tom Price.

We are known and trusted throughout the North of WA as the number one provider of filtered water. We are dependable and reliable and deliver a quality product and service.

We give back to the Australian community

Waterchoice makes many charitable donations and gives back to the Australian community regularly. We believe that we are all Australian and we need to support one another. One program that we regularly contribute to and believe is important is the Buy a Bale program. The program supports Aussie farmers and rural communities during natural disasters and periods of drought.

Interested in making a donation? Hit the link below to read about the program and make a donation. Every little bit helps.


All our water systems are hand built with superior parts

All our water systems are hand built and quality tested by our owner Andrew. He ensures each system is of the best quality and is in excellent working order before it leaves our workshop.

We use Filmtec membranes which are considered the gold standard in water filtration. They remove the most contaminates, last the longest and have the quickest flow of water. Filmtec were the original inventors of reverse osmosis!

We have a fixed price guarantee

Enjoy pure drinking water for only $15 per week, with no other costs – EVER! Our price is fixed and includes:

  • Free installation
  • Free maintenance
  • Free servicing
  • Free call outs
  • Free relocation of the system if you move house, office or premises
  • Local service representatives in each town to service all your water needs
  • Up to 300L of fresh, clean and delicious drinking water every single day
  • Tax deductible for business
  • Based on Waterchoice’s standard 12 month rental agreement.

Many companies claim to have a fixed price, but when you get to the fine print, they charge extra for difficult installations, or if they need to make calls outs. When we say our price is fixed, we mean it, it includes EVERYTHING.

Want to find out more? Call us on 0419 964 225, email info@waterchoice.com.au or contact us.



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