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Save with Waterchoice

01 November 2018

In many places across WA, drinking the tap water is simply not an option. The smell and taste is unpalatable, and this is usually when people turn to bottled water.

Besides the obvious environmental issues with buying single use plastic bottles, bottled water doesn't usually taste that great, and the expense is huge!

Let's say the average person should drink 2L of water per day. For a family of four, that is 8L per day and 56L per week. That is a cost of $37.33* per week, just for drinking water!

At Waterchoice, we charge a fixed fee of $15 for the rental of our 5 stage reverse osmosis water systems. Not only does Waterchoice water taste amazing, it is as close to rain water as you can get, and each unit can produce up to 200L of fresh filtered water every day. That is enough for all the family to drink, fill the kettle, wash the fruit and vegetables, fill the dogs bowls, wash the car, fill the kids bottles for school, fill the bottles for work....the uses are endless!!

So, what do you get for your $15 per week, besides the best tasting water you'll ever drink??

  • free installation
  • free servicing
  • free maintenance
  • free call outs
  • free relocation if you move
  • local representative to service your needs
  • first two weeks free (based on Waterchoice's standard 12 month rental agreement)
  • tax deduction for businesses.

And all of this comes with a price guarantee. Our price is fixed, we will never ask you to pay anything extra.

So if you are buying bottled water, ask yourself, does my drinking water taste good? Am I getting value for money? Do the sums, we are confident you'll be surprised at how cost effective a water filtration unit from Waterchoice really is.

(*Based on the current pricing of Coles Natural Spring Water 1.5L bottles)


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